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SU100 Silicone Remover

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SU 100 SILICONE SEALANT / ADHESIVE REMOVER SU100 is specially designed for removing wet and cured silicone sealants, adhesives, oils, gels and grease from glass, metal, ceramic, most plastics and painted surfaces. This remover will chemically digest cured and uncured silicone elastomers and polymers, makes them easily water or hydrocarbon solvent (mineral spirits) rinsable.

Note:  this is a chemical bath solution where you take parts or boards and soak them for silicone removal.  Removal times very greatly with the thickness of silicone and type playing a large part in the effectiveness of the SU100.

This is NOT a wipe or spray on material. 


One part ready to use solution.  No diluting required. 

Biodegradable composition. 

Silicone Removal speeds can be shortened by agitation of the SU100 bath.  Also slight elevation of temperature under 100 F can speed the process. 


Clean silicone conformal coatings from all type of circuit boards

Immerse expensive production components for complete silicone removal

Clean mixing vessels, dispensing and extruding equipment

Use for machinery overhaul and repair

Quickly rework and reclaim in-line production parts due to manufacturing or engineering mistakes.

Removing shipping labels that use a silicone based adhesive.

Removing silicone based tire shine from concrete.  Call for details of use.


Applicable Standards  
Stock Color

Amber translucent liquid.

Stock Size

1 gallon, 55 gallon drums. 275 gallon totes.

Special Packaging available upon request.

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