Custom Silicone Formulations

We specialize in customized formulations of specialty silicone adhesives, sealants, gels and coatings. Moreau Marketing & Sales will work in partnership with the customer to provide custom formulations to meet their previously un-met needs and their specialized performance and process requirements.

We offer our own line of high performance products including 1 and 2-part RTV's utilizing both addition and condensation cure systems which meet or exceed industry standards. We do not compete with major suppliers offering offsets to existing low-end commodity type silicone adhesives. We only offer high tech products for specialty applications.

Contact Us

Important things we need to know when calling about our custom formulations:

  1. Product you are currently using: Brand and Part number are helpful. This enables us to see the properties of the material and type of cure process.
  2. What you are trying to achieve with a custom formulation. Examples include: reduced lead time, faster cure, slower cure, reduced cost to high end adhesives, wider range of color for high end adhesives, better adhesion, etc.
  3. Package size you are using now and the package size you would like or rather have.