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SS38/SS380 Peelable Masking RTV Silicone

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DescriptionSS380/SS38 are peelable silicone RTV rubbers developed for applications requiring a form fitting temporary protective cover. These unique formulas with handle -40º F to 400º F constant and up to 500º F intermittently. SS380 is a self-leveling formula and the SS38 is a non-sag formula. Both are 1-part silicone adhesives that when applied to substrate, cures to a pliable, removable protective coating with only 10-12 hours of cure time.
FeaturesOne-part silicone rubber sealant. Thixotropic Paste & Self-Level formulas.. Excellent peelable properties on metals and many plastics. Neutral Cure (non-corrosive) Fast Room Temp. Cure High Temperature & Oil Resistance
ApplicationsSealant and adhesive for many automotive applications. Temporary Masking in Powder Coating Construction Temporary Bonding Metals masking for plating operations Industrial high temperature form-fitting sleeves Peelable protective coating for sandblasting
Applicable Standards  
Stock ColorGray - Custom colors are available upon request.
Stock Size10.3 oz., 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon drums. Special Packaging available upon request.
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Contact us about SS38/SS380 Peelable Masking RTV Silicone