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Sprayable Cyanoacrylate Super Glue

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DescriptionWe have formulated a premium low odor, low viscosity superglue that can be applied from a 1 pound (454 gram) bottle. This form of application can speed application, speed production time and reduce overall costs. .002" gap fill cabability. Service temperature range -65ºF to +180ºF. Download technical data sheet and MSDS below.
FeaturesLow Odor, Low Bloom characteristics reducing the smell associated with standard ethyl cyanaoacrylate super glues.
ApplicationsLow Odor Low Bloom 5 cps viscosity superglue is used for many applications including production parts, craft parts, OEM part assembly and many more applications.
Applicable Standards  
Stock ColorClear Transparent Liquid
Stock SizeOur Sprayable Low Odor Low Bloom is available in 1 pound (454g) bottles
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Contact us about Sprayable Cyanoacrylate Super Glue