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Pure White™ Food Grade Anti-Seize Compound with Teflon®


Pure White is an odorless, non-toxic, soft lubricating paste. Specially designed for the strict conditions found in the Food/Beverage and Drug/Cosmetic industries. Pure White is formulated to meet FDA and USDA H-1 requirements where incidental contact with food can occur. Its Anti-Rust and Anti-Corrosion properties are vital to protect equipment from harmful attack of corrosive acids found in food substances. Operating temperature to 475º F (246º C) Teflon® insures maximum lubrication.

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3 oz. squeeze tube, 8 oz. brush top, 14 oz. grease cartridge, 1 pound brush top can, 2 pound can, 8 pound can, 35 pound pails, 130# drums, 425 pound drums. Special Packaging available upon request.

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