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Moly Plate™ Anti-Seize Compound

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Moly Plate is a metal free compound composed of molybdenum disulphide and graphite with a synthetic non-melting carrier. “Moly” with its very low coefficient of friction makes this product an excellent choice for high loads and parts under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature.

Protects metal surfaces to temperatures 2400 º F (1315 º C.) Does NOT form a hard, carbon abrasive residue at high temperatures. Excellent for use on metal connections where reactive metals such as copper and aluminum must be avoided.


Excellent for Parts under:

  • High Load
  • Extreme Pressure
  • Temps up to 2400 F (1315 C)
  • Will not settle, harden or separate under normal storage conditions
  • Copper and Aluminum Free
  • Metal Connections where Reactive Metals like Copper and Aluminum must be avoided.
  • Rough Cut Threads made of Iron, Steel and most Alloys
  • Also use on Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Alloys that tend to gall easily.
Applicable Standards  
Stock Color


Stock Size
  • 2 oz. brush top,
  • 8 oz. brush top,
  • 15 oz. grease cartridge,
  • 1 pound brush top can,
  • 2 pound can,
  • 8 pound can, (1 gallon pail)
  • 42 pound pails, (5 gallon pail)
  • 130# drums,
  • 425 pound drums.  (55 gallon drum)
  • Special Packaging available upon request.
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Contact us about Moly Plate™ Anti-Seize Compound