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Moly-Lit™ Molybdenum Disulfide Based Anti-Seize

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Moly-Lit is an extra heavy duty, extreme pressure and low friction lubricating compound. Its high concentration of molybdenum disulfide, balanced blend of graphite and other anti-wear solids are dispersed in a high performance carrier that will protect to 2400 º F (1315 º C.) Moly-Lit resists seizing and galling, insures minimum torque requirements and lubricates under excessive pressure (over 300,000 psi.). Recommended for threads, pipes, valves and equipment carrying ethylene and acetylene and other services where copper contamination must be avoided. No copper or aluminum. Protects load bearing surfaces during critical break wear-in.

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2 oz. brush top, 3 oz. squeeze tube, 11 oz. brush top, 15 oz. grease cartridge, 23 oz. can, 23 oz. brush top can, 2.5 pound cans, 10 pound cans, 50 pound pails, 130# drums, 425 pound drums. Special Packaging available upon request.

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Contact us about Moly-Lit™ Molybdenum Disulfide Based Anti-Seize