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MMS-TC Extreme High Temperature 2100ºF Threadsealing Compound


MMS-TC is a extreme high temperature ceramic/water base threadsealing/pipe sealing compound use in industrial, automotive and MRO application where a sealant/locking compound is needed between the temperatures of -300ºF to 2100ºF.

Easy to Use, Economical, Room Temperature Curing, High Bond Strength, Electrical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance,.  Excellent for cryogenic and extreme temperature applications. 

4 oz. Bottle (approx: 120 ml)| Just one bottle provides many applications depending on size of parts. Saves time and money. No costly heat treatments. Will not soften or decompose at elevated temperatures. Excellent adhesion to most metals and ceramic parts.

Penetrates fine openings to provide electrical resistance. Can be used with all conventional chemicals and solvents. This is a ceramic based material. Best curing results come from a complete 24 hour room temperature cure.

You can speed the cure process by heating 2-4 hours at 250ºF. Applications are vast for this material and 4 oz. bottles are available for purchase for testing in your application. We have 4 formulas to meet your different thread size needs.


One part material ready to use straight out of the bottle.

24 hour room temp cure or convenient heat cure option.

Various formulas for small to very large threads.

Extreme temperature resistance. 


MMS-TC-Green is a low viscosity formula used for smaller threaded parts where run off of the MMS-TC is not a great concern.

MMS-TC-Blue is a medium viscosity formula used for larger threaded fasteners up to 3/4" in diameter.

MMS-TC-Red is a high viscosity, higher strength material used for large deep threads.

MMS-TC-Gold is a very high viscosity high strength material used for very deep threads found typically in larger bolts and pipe threads. 

Applicable Standards  
Stock Color

green, red, blue, gold

Stock Size

4 oz. bottles (120ml)

Special packaging available upon request.  Volumes may apply.

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