Product Listing for Threadlocking & Threadsealing Compounds

Mil-S-22473 and Mil-R-46163 Anerobic Threadlocking Compounds


Moreau Marketing distributes several Mil-S-22473 and Mil-R-46163 anerobic threadlocking compounds.  Part number, grade and color listed below.  Page down to download the technical data sheets for more specific information on each grade. 


  • Part# 401 Grade AA Green
  • Part# 402 Grade A Red
  • Part# 403 Grade D Orange
  • Part# 404 Grade AV Red
  • Part# 405 Grade AVV Red
  • Part# 406 Grade B Yellow
  • Part# 407 Grade C Blue
  • Part# 408 Grade CV Blue
  • Part# 409 Grave CVV Blue
  • Part# 410 Grade E Purple
  • Part# 411 Grade EV Purple
  • Part# 412 Grade H Brown
  • Part# 413 Grade HV Brown
  • Part# 414 Grade HVV Brown
  • Part# 415 Grade JV Yellow


  • Part# 440 Type I Grade J Blue
  • Part# 146 Type I Grade K Red
  • Part# 188 Type I Grade L Red
  • Part# 122 Type II Grade M Purple
  • Part# 124 Type II Grade N Blue
  • Part# 184 Type II Grade O Red
  • Part# 446 Type III Grade P Blue
  • Part# 447 Type III Grade Q Blue
  • Part# 108 Type III Grade R Green



One part ready to use threadlocking compounds.

Different Grades for every Mil-Spec Application

Certificate of Corformance Supplied with each part



Mil-Spec Mil-S-22473 applications. 

Mil-Spec Mil-R-46163 applications.


Applicable Standards



ASTM D 5363

Stock Color

Refer to Mil-Spec Mil-S-22473 Grade specifications and Mil-R-46163 Type and Grade specifications in the data sheet download below. 

Stock Size
  • 10 cc
  • 50 cc
  • 250 cc
  • 1 litre
  • special packaging available upon request


Cross Reference
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