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Copper Plate™ Anti-Seize Compound

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Copper Plate contains no lead, graphite or aluminum and has a synthetic, non-melting carrier. This formula has a high concentration of pure copper flakes aided by special carriers and inhibitors which protect, lubricate and fight corrosion, at the same time enhancing electrical conductivity. Protects metal surfaces to temperatures 1800 º F (982 º C.) Does NOT form a hard abrasive residue at high temperatures. Recommended for stainless steel applications above 550 º F (288 º C.) “Copper Plates” mating surfaces. Enhances and protects most electrical connections.




If you need help determining which anti-seize compound to use in your application, please click on the Anti-SeizeHow.pdf link below.

  • Aircraft
  • Automotive & Agricultural Equipment
  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Paper Mills
  • Steel Mills and Foundries
  • Marine and Shipyard applications
  • There are many, many more industries for this material. 
Applicable Standards  
Stock Color


Stock Size
  • 2 oz. brush top,
  • 6 oz. pressure pak can,
  • 8 oz. brush top,
  • 15 oz. grease cartridge,
  • 1 pound brush top can,
  • 2 pound can, 8 pound can,
  • 42 pound pails,  (5 gallon pail)
  • 130# drums,
  • 425 pound drums. (55 gallon drum)
  • Special Packaging available upon request.
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