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Chemplex862 NSF Standard 61 Silicone Grease

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DescriptionCHEMPLEX© 862 Silicone Compound is a specially formulated grease-like product containing selected silicone oils and inert silica thickeners. It meets NSF-61 standards for potable water contact under both hot and cold water conditions. This stiff, tacky compound has excellent water repellency, dielectric properties and oxidation resistance. It is essentially non-toxic, non-melting and retains its pliability even after extended service use. CHEMPLEX© 862 has a broad temperature range of -40 to 400°F (-40 to 240°C), which allows for use in even the harshest environments. CHEMPLEX© 862 is extremely water-resistant and withstands water washout and spray off. Can be used in extreme applications as a lubricant and a release agent or applications where resistance to moisture, thermal degradation or electrical insulation are needed.
ApplicationsO rings, rubber and plastic gaskets used in water faucets, valves and filters or applications where sticking or exposure to the elements occurs. Not recommended for use with highly oxidative chemicals such as chlorine, peroxides or liquid oxygen.
Applicable Standards NSF Approved Standard 61 for use with Potable Water. Compare to Dow 111 (Dow Corning, Midland, MI)
Stock ColorTranslucent White
Stock Size8 oz. Squeeze Tubes 12 tubes/case
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