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Anti-Seize Special™ Aluminum, Copper & Graphite Based Anti-Seize


Anti-Seize Special is a superior grade assembly compound and high pressure lubricant. This high quality aluminum, copper and graphite based anti-seize formula has unique particle shapes suspended in a special carrier. Will protect metal parts under extreme heat, pressure and contaminating conditions to 2000 º F (1095º C.) Anti-Seize special is designed with ultra fine metallic and graphite particles enhancing a longer lasting protective film, resisting washout, burn-off and corrosion. Exceeds Mil-A-907.

  • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Reduces Friction
  • Provides Constant Torque/Tension
  • Speeds Assembly & Disassembly
  • Resists Seizing, Galling and Cold Welding
  • Retards galvanic action between dissimilar metals
  • Resists Salt Water Corrosion Compatible with all metals and most plastics
  • Non-Hardening and Non-Dripping

If you need help determining which anti-seize compound to use in your application, please click on the Anti-SeizeHow.pdf link below.

Applicable Standards

Exceeds Mil-A-907.

Stock Color


Stock Size
  • 2 oz. brush top
  • 3 oz. squeeze tube,
  • 5 oz. brush top
  • 8 oz. brush top
  • 16 oz. aerosol
  • 15 oz. grease cartridge
  • 1 pound can
  • 1 pound brush top can
  • 2.5 pound cans
  • 8 pound cans (1 gallon pail)
  • 42 pound pails  (5 gallon pail)
  • 130 pound drums
  • 425 pound drums  (55 gallon drum)
  • Special Packaging available upon request
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