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Anti-Seize PTFE Pipe Thread Tapes

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Our Anti-Seize pipe thread sealant tapes are a unique blend of PTFE and PTFE resins and either copper, nickel or ceramic powders.  They come in rolls just like standard pipe thread tapes, but the metal and ceramic powders aid in assembly, disassembly, resists seizing and galling and resist corrosive environments  You would use these tapes just like any anti-seize compound, but you just don't have the mess and you can control the amount of material you put on a thread. 

These are High Density ,Extra Thick Metal Filled PTFE Tapes

Convenient for putting in your pocket or tool box. 

We have three different formulas to match your needs. 

  • Poly-Temp Copper  (High Temp applications.  Great General Purpose)
  • Poly-Temp Nickel (Extreme Temp applications and Stainless)
  • Poly-Temp Ceramic (Food Grade Applications)

Page down and download the Technical Data Sheets for more detailed information. 

  • One part Tapes in a Roll for Controlled Application Amount
  • Will not Squeeze out like standard anti-seize pastes
  • Excellent for Stainless Steel threads of all times.
  • Resists Carbon Fusing, Galling and Seizing
  • Inhibits corrosion, rusting and galvanic pitting
  • Excellent Pipe Thread Sealant Tape up to 500 F




Use our anti-seize tapes on all types of threads, nuts, bolts, studs, pipe threads, etc. 

Resists: Strong Alkaline Solutions, Most Chemical and Acid vapors, Road Salt, Steam and Iodized Water. 

Applicable Standards
  • Mil-T-27730A
  • A-A-58092
  • FDA for Incidental Food Contact (Poly-Temp Ceramic)
Stock Color
  • Poly-Temp Copper is Copper Colored
  • Poly-Temp Nickel is Silver
  • Poly-Temp Ceramic is Yellow
Stock Size

All three types come in rolls of;

  • 1/2" Wide by 600" long
  • 3/4" Wide by 600"
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