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169 Hydraulic Sealant

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     This latest version of anaerobics are less surface sensitive and will cure on as received parts generally to a working cure of one hour. Hydraulic Sealant 169 is a thread sealant for joints up to 3/4". Highly resistant to heat, corrosion, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons and many chemicals. It is also a low strength anaerobic adhesive for thread locking of nuts, bolts and screws of all types that require to be easily disassembled.

     Anaerobic Hydraulic Sealant 169 is the latest chemical product designed to reduce manufacturing cost while providing increased reliability of mechanical assemblies.

     Anaerobic products are designed to cure (with minimal shrinkage) in the presence of metal and the absence of air, (oxygen). They have been used by manufacturers for over 35 years to replace expensive mechanical devices designed to prevent parts from leakage, corrosion and vibrating apart.


Apply directly from the bottle onto your threaded parts and assemble. 


Hydraulic Fittings

Low Strength Nut, Bolt and Stud Threadlocker

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2ml pipette, 50 ml, 250 ml, 1 litre, 10 litre. Special Packaging available upon request.

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