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907GF Severe High Temperature Ceramic Sealant/Gasket

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907GFis a moist creamy putty. Easily applied from standard caulking cartridges. 907GF is made for use from -300ºF to +2300ºF Apply directly to clean Steel, Stainless, Iron, most metals, ceramics, ceramic cloths, tapes, gaskets, tadpoles gaskets, and much more. 907GF air dries in 4-12 hours at room temperature. Curing may be accelerated with mild heat.

907GF is resistant to most chemicals, solvents, oxidizing, and reducing atmospheres, aging, thermal cycling, and electricity. Bonds: Ceramic tapes, metals, ceramics, glass, instruments, and more. Repairs: exhaust systems, diesel engines, gas turbines, heating plant equipment, ceramic, & more.|

Assembles: high temp equipment, brazing fixtures & supports, & stacks. Seals: exhaust systems, stacks, flues, gasketing, surface irregularities, high temperature duct work. Ideal for any High temperature assembly, production, repair or maintenance application.

Limitation: this material is used as a gasket material.  It is used between two parts.  It will not work as a seam sealer as it will flake off with thermal cycling.

Formerly MMS-3500-11


One part ready to use material.  No mixing

Extreme Termperature resistant both high and low temperature

-300 to 2300 F resistance

One part water/ceramic based gasket material

Applicable Standards

Fomerly Part# MMS-3500-11

Stock Color

Grayish Tan

Stock Size

11 oz.standard caulking tubes

Special Packaging available upon request.

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Contact us about 907GF Severe High Temperature Ceramic Sealant/Gasket